As we enter the second trimester of the year, the high vibes at Unity of Sedona are still palpable–each Sunday morning–as well as in our many classes, groups, and workshops. 

Personally, I’ve been a person who could see and feel energy, which usually adds to my consistent feelings of gratitude for so many things–things that many people seem to take for granted. But let’s always remember to be grateful for the good in our lives. And if the good seems deficient, then start creating more of it. As the band Earth, Wind, and Fire sang it: “And if there ain’t no beauty, you’ve got to make some beauty . . . listen to me y’all!”

Spontaneously Stop and Give Thanks

And there are so many moments when I spontaneously stop and give thanks for things related to Unity of Sedona. There’s our amazing Sacred Sunday Services, our beautiful grounds, our Chaplains, our bookstore (usually made brighter from Rebecca’s smiling face), and even our little solar lights that are planted all around the landscape to help people navigate the walking paths at night. I also marvel at what appears to me to be the tremendous love and support shared between the attendees of our various recovery groups. It’s an amazing thing to behold. We also are very grateful and pleased to read the testimonials from those of you who have experienced the multi-dimensional and miraculous effects of our healing room (featuring a crystal bed). And for anyone who witnessed the vibes, toning, chanting, and sand mandala of the visiting Buddhist Monks, it’s easy to feel gratitude for that experience.

Our focus is now going to shift towards my own annual “Living Mastery” intensive (held this month). For the first time in my history of teaching this workshop, we are making the event available to people in person AND online. So be sure to join us–one way or the other.

Lastly, although some things in Sedona tend to slow down in the summer, we will not. Our services, bookstore, friendships, classes and so forth will still be in full force. So be sure to dance the dance of life with us in whatever way feels right for you during the coming few months.

Love & Light,


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