Healthy Co-creator with God

All of us on the Board, staff, and list of volunteers and Chaplains wish you all a joy-filled month (and lifetime) of freedom and independence–internally and externally.
As we enter the second half of the year, it’s becoming clearer that the lessons related to healing, patience, and reaching new levels of learning how to be a healthy co-creator with God are finally giving way.
Astrologically speaking, many of us already know that the stars (and planets) have been mirroring to us persistent delays in our hopes and dreams. It’s as though the universe (and our own heart and soul) is trying to tell us that with time getting so short on earth,we need to learn to only create the finest creations from the highest aspects of ourselves and to never again settle for anything less.
We’ve probably all heard this before from teachers or in our own mind but apparently, the universe is no longer accepting that our hearing such messages is enough. Instead, we are being told to get it together and start living the highest principles.
So let’s not delay. Let’s learn to do everything with God. Instead of watching garbage on cable, let’s watch shows or movies that feed our soul. Instead of going on camping trips, let’s go on spiritual retreats. Instead of making a list of what stuff we want in our life, let’s ask God to help us to know what things are best for us to attract. Instead of spending Sundays playing golf (or whatever other diversions we might like), let’s get to our spiritual center. Instead of competing with others for a perfect body, let’s find whatever healthy regimen actually feels best for us. And instead of desperately looking for a perfect soul mate, let’s spend more time enjoying the presence of everyone we meet.
The truth is, choosing to pursue all the former items in this last paragraph will lead us nowhere, while choosing the latter items on this list is actually a means to to our embodying the Spirit of God, thus creating Heaven on earth.

Love & Light,


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