Happy November to all of you! And please accept the gratitude of all of us at Unity of Sedona for your continued love and support through the past 7 years.

Every year we seem to rise to another level of love, peace, joy, and abundance…it sometimes seems impossible it can get any better. But it does…and always will–with Spirit as our Guide.

And thanks to all of you, we are not only consistently raising the level of our teachings, and the consciousness of our attendees, but we are also consistently keeping up with our bills every month. That’s true balance and abundance. So thank you for that as well…and many thanks to all of our Sponsors. It’s a funny thing, really, that most spiritual centers (and many individuals as well) have such trouble making ends meet. But this struggle is not part of God’s design…it’s something mankind has manufactured. And it’s not going to heal/release anytime soon if people keep adding layers of negative thinking to our individual and collective consciousness around the topic of prosperity.

Think about it…even though we dress it up a bit more, as more and more people embrace the “laws of manifestation,” there still remains such dark issues around money and abundance. That’s one reason why so many people in modern spiritual practices struggle with abundance. One side of the spiritual movement says poverty is not necessary and yet the other side frowns on those with abundance. This creates a no-win scenario for us all–exactly what the ego desires. As I’ve taught many times, you can’t create such duality and expect peace to come from it. Our job then, as authentic spiritual practitioners, is to do our best to demonstrate an abundance in our hearts that manifests in how much we GIVE no matter how much we have–rather than how much we make. This applies not just in finances but in all we have. Give money, give smiles, give time, give prayers, give, give, give… 

A Course in Miracles teaches us that the material world does not replicate Heaven but rather is opposite to Heaven. For example, we think that the more solid/tangible something is, the more real it is. In Heaven, it is known that the more solid/tangible something is, the less real it is. To believe in the reality and power of this world means to believe that if we have little, we have little value. But in Heaven, this is not true at all. And although many people might teach that it’s all about how much we give, it’s really more about how easily we give ( i.e. quickly, effortlessly, and how often). Also, our true value is not determined by how much we receive from others but how much gratitude we feel for everything we receive. So thank you…all of you for all you have ever given to me and to Unity of Sedona

Love & Light,


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