Go Within and Connect with God

I pray you are all well. I thank you for being such great supporters of us here, at Unity of Sedona.

We are already nearly half way through the year and we will soon mark the mid-point with our Sedona Summer Solstice Festival. So be sure to attend.

And, for those of you who don’t know, with Sedona being one of the most energetically intense places on this planet, and with some very intense planetary configurations above, there are a whole lot of people going through some pretty intense experiences right now–starting a few weeks ago and continuing for a little while longer.

So what should we do during such times?

The answer is the same now as it was during last year’s election and any other time when people are seemingly falling apart or under great stress/fear. It’s a great time to go within and connect with God – even more than usual. But it’s also a great time to make sure we have healthy support systems (usually qualified counselors or true friends) who can walk with us a while until we again feel stable and secure.

Let’s remember, earth is not our Home (Heaven) but Spirit encourages us to make it feel like Home. And the way to do that is to love one another just as Christ loved/loves us. So we are to simply do our best to manifest this love for others. But, if they cannot accept the love and instead choose to stomp on it, Christ asks us to then to demonstrate love for ourselves by learning what we can from the experience but then shaking the dust from that experience off of our feet and walking away.  

Love & Light,


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