I pray this monthly e-blast finds you well and prosperous. Thanks to all of you, Unity of Sedona is absolutely at its best ever. Every single year the energy and inspiration rises to a new level.

The first couple of years after I arrived here, the attendees called on me to share teachings that were diverse and deep, and I delivered. Then, through various circumstances, I was challenged with the question as to whether I was going to stay here for a longer term and commit to being a grounded part of our Unity Community, to which I said yes. The next couple of years were about integrating what had been taught for the last few years, and once again, we pulled it off. So now where are we at and where are we going?

The attendees of Unity of Sedona–mostly led by our Board, our Chaplains, and myself–are all feeling a rise in energetic frequency and direction. We will, of course, continue with the diverse and powerful teachings and experiences brought by all who teach and share at our lovely center. But it’s clear that Unity of Sedona is no longer just for the residents of Sedona. Instead, we are now serving the world–and beyond.

In a matter of weeks, you will see our website brought to a new level of exposure and interfacing with our global social media. With this, and with our current live Sunday services, we are reaching tens of thousands of people–soon to be hundreds of thousands. And our message will remain the same: Connect with God and allow God to awaken our remembrance of our inner Christ. When I first arrived in Sedona, one of my main messages was that people need to reconnect with God. The attendees loved hearing this and it changed many lives–while also sending a small handful “running for the hills.” Now it’s time for the second phase of the plan: to emphasize the awakening of the Christ on earth. This is where we are now, playing our part in the awakening of humanity, like no other center on earth. So prepare for even bigger and better things, brought through us from Heaven above.

Love & Light,


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