Creating the Magic

As I’ve shared many times, I am often asked by church leaders and board members how we have created the magic that we have at Unity of Sedona. We are often complimented for our success, growth, and depth, as well as for the beauty of our grounds and sanctuary, and most of all for the “feeling” of love, safety, and authenticity. But how did we create it?

Explaining what we have, is easy. Explaining how we created it, is a little more complicated. But the most complicated piece of all is getting these other spiritual centers to actually do the work that it takes to create such a vortex of light. After all, “talking the talk” is one thing but “walking the walk” is another thing entirely.

But the most consistent piece of advice we can offer them is the same as can be used by individuals. First of all, who are you and where do you want to go? At Unity we decided that our identity and direction comes first, thus manifesting the Loving Presence of God/Spirit in every way possible–especially by creating a safe and collaborative experience.

Next, it’s crucial to search for, and eliminate as many areas of incongruence as possible. This means finding any part of ourselves or our group that are NOT in alignment with our identity and direction and do our best to lovingly, tactfully eliminate them.

In a nutshell, what all of this means is that instead of “talking the talk” of creating the magic of what we want to create in our lives and expecting it to just manifest out of the blue, the universe will instead “call us to task” and insist that we “step up” and live in a consciousness that is aligned with whatever it is we seek. That’s why we sometimes say, “be careful what you ask for.” We say “be careful” because whatever we ask for will come with an insistence from the universe that we actually show some growth to “deserve” what we’ve asked for.

So if we desire deeper love, better friendships, or even decide to change our name to a more lovely, spiritual name, the chances are, we will get what we desire but we should first purge all forms of incongruence from our consciousness and from our life. Then our success is more pure and sweet.

Love & Light,


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