Creating a New Life

As you can tell from the high energy of our Christmas and New Year’s services, things are going very well for us at Unity of Sedona. We just had our best Solstice Festival ever. And we have been using the recent Holidays as a metaphor for creating a new life–which included using the 12 Holy Days and Nights of Christmas to align–astrologically–with keeping our center and healthy intention.And all of this is being taken to an even higher level through our 4-week “Co-creating a New Life” online course(which is also being offered live at Unity of Sedona for those of you who want to attend in person.

So here’s a question for you all:

What are you doing to bring a greater close to the past–unhealthy patterns, choices, and behaviors? AND, what are you doing to create the best new life possible–greater love, health, and abundance?But remember, the less you do, the less you will receive and experience. So let’s commit to making great changes…but not so great that you will likely fail to maintain them.

The universe will honor our every attempt to make changes but we tend to hold ourselves guilty and undeserving whenever we fail to do what we know is best. Then it becomes even harder to move forward. That’s why it’s important to discern exactly how many changes we are truly willing to make and to what degree. In so doing, we are more likely to only attempt changes that we can accomplish and feel great about. Our life reflects our consciousness.

And the sooner we learn to live a life that is in alignment with Spirit, the sooner we will know what it’s like to experience Heaven on Earth. But this possibility starts now with our decisions today and our decisions for a New Year.

Love & Light,


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