Connecting with God

In the State of Arizona, the Summer months are often slow, as people tend to feel overwhelmed by the high temperatures. This lowers our Sunday attendance a little and quiets things down all around the region. But that’s not how we roll at Unity of Sedona. We believe and teach that we have the power to change our life experience by connecting with God, getting inspirations, and then moving forward. And in alignment with these ideals and principles, we completed over a dozen major projects–including renovations to our yard, our cafe, and several parts of our sanctuary and bookstore.

So how is it that we can accomplish so much during the season where most people in the Southwest accomplish so littleThe answer is that we follow these few, main principles (which can be applied to one person or a group):

*GOD IS! We let God help and guide us in every way: meaning that with God as our Source, we tend to feel a greater abundance of energy and support.

*WE ARE! We work as a team: meaning that we choose to collaborate and reflect a spirit of oneness, which is powerful and efficient.

*YOU ARE! When it comes to dealing with others and the outside world, we remind ourselves that whatever is impossible for people is possible for God: meaning that when most people would give up or not bother, we tend to apply the principles of mastery, which means to divide and conquer the projects and challenges before us. This is one of the best ways to show people what can be done if they “live the Christ life.”

What all of this means is that when we remain connected with God and remain unified within ourselves and with others, the tasks and issues of the outer world become far easier to accomplish because we have “food (and energy) the world knows not.” It’s much like choosing to swim with a strong current, rather than against it. Does this mean we never get tired (physically, emotionally, or energetically)? Of course not. But it happens far less often and what we accomplish before we grow weary is well worth it.

And while we are weary and taking a break, it’s worth it to look inside to see what most broke us down. We can always rest assured that it isn’t moving with the current of God that tempts us to feel tired. Instead, it’s the part of us that is still resisting the flow and trying to do things our own way. The solution, of course, is to recognize it’s happening, to own our part, to forgive ourselves for being stubborn and resistant, surrendering such limiting patterns, and the replacing all this with a new level of the Presence of God.

Love & Light,


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