Greetings Everyone! Last month was such an exciting month–with our largest Beltane event ever–and numerous other things going so well. But last month was also a very deep month–in the sense that a few of our Sunday services featured a theme related to the current Saturn retrograde energy that is stirring things up on the planet.

The current few months are certain to continue bringing up deep, old issues, lessons, and patterns for us to clear as humanity moves closer and closer to its inevitable ascension into higher dimensions.

Also, a couple of our Sunday services featured the theme of how some of us are “Lightworkers” on this planet and are part of God’s Plan to awaken the Inner Christ within all of us. So our Sunday talks were sometimes about what we can do to further our commitment to playing a part in the awakening of humanity.

What an exciting month! So our next steps are as follows: 1) Decide if we (ourselves) are going to step up and fulfill our role in the ascension process. 2) Use this time (especially the next few months) to do as much deep healing as possible–in order to become a clearer channel of healing and miracles for ourselves and others. 3) Prepare to take our lives to “the next level”–a level with greater love, peace, prosperity, and happiness.

Love & Light,


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