Last month the Members of Unity of Sedona gathered for their “2016 Annual Member Meeting.” The attendees were asked to share feedback about their experiences at Unity, as well as if they had any suggestions or requests.

Their feedback was as follows:

*The Buddhist Monks, when they visited last spring, said that Unity of Sedona’s property is the strongest vortex in Sedona.

*Destinee said that she finds that she is more grounded and centered since attending Unity of Sedona.

*Suzanne feels that she has come home and we are her spiritual family.

*Linda Mae noted that there is so much love here that it is rewarding and fulfilling and many people have told her the same thing. Michael added that this feeling is contributed by all of us.

*Marc and his wife, Rondi, have always gone to other Unity churches and are impressed with what we have created here. The other spiritual centers didn’t impress them. They are going to be here a long time.

*Sheila said Michael’s teachings have turned a lot of us around. There is no coincidence that Michael is here. Literally the teachings have saved her life.

*Nancy said that the wisdom she receives in every service changes her life.

*Serena learns something new each time she listens to the cds of the service. She has tried other churches and Unity of Sedona was the best to her.

*Harmony said she has experienced deep transformations here. She believes that it’s due to living the teachings each and every day.

*Sandra came here before Michael was here and never felt spiritually fed prior to his arrival. After hearing Michael speak, she feels that every talk is geared to her.

*Sheila mentioned that the hands-on healing classes have been incredible for her, and she feels that people would love to have more of that sort of class.

*Kimberly is grateful for the Children’s Program. That’s the only time she can get some time away from parenting and commune with the adults. She loves the new director, Laura Langstrand, and her assistant Graham Horner is great as well.

*Serena Ashley thanked Michael for being a good example for the rest of us!

*Marjie thanked Michael for being here, at Unity of Sedona, and the room applauded in agreement.

Love & Light,


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