Dear Friends:

The month of November is commonly known as a time of Thanksgiving—giving thanks. There’s no better way to prepare for the Christmas Holiday than to spend a month (not just one day) focused on giving thanks for whatever we have learned and/or gained over the past year—or over our entire life for that matter. But have you ever considered giving thanks for who you are—who you REALLY are—a Holy Child of God?

Some people find it very uncomfortable to imagine themselves being Children of God. Some will say it sounds blasphemous. Others will say it sounds conceited. And to others it simply seems unattainable. Answers such as these are exactly what keeps us from easily attaining this remembrance. The solution to this self-sabotage is to switch from trying to answer this question with our ego-minds and instead allow the answer to come from the Mind of God—that rests deep within each of us. In other words, instead of using our limited little minds to contemplate what we think God thinks about us, we should try instead to imagine what Perfect Love feels about us. If this is attempted with any reasonable amount of sincerity, there will likely be a sudden shift from vague thoughts to deep wonderment and appreciation. We will discover that God appreciates us, which then allows us to truly appreciate God and what God Created us to be.

God is Love and can only know Love. This means God can only Love each of us and all of humanity. God can only Love unconditionally and eternally. And God can only Love perfectly! What all of this means is that God Loves us all—perfectly, eternally, and deeply. When we grow closer to Home, God feels excitement to know of our imminent return.

If you can imagine what it felt like to see a loved one you had not seen in a very long time and the joy you felt to see them again, and then multiply that feeling by a million, it would still pale in comparison to how God feels about our return Home. There is no punishment awaiting us—only joy. This is why Jesus taught that the return to Heaven of a Child of God is like a prodigal son/daughter making it home after being lost for years. The only thing a loving parent would/could feel in such a circumstance is joy and appreciation that they are united once again with their child.

But there is one challenge that we must all confront—a challenge that inhibits our return Home. If we can’t imagine being loved and loveable, then we will not experience such love. In other words, we have to drop our mistaken perceptions (i.e. judgements) about ourselves and allow Real Love to replace all former beliefs about who we are and what we deserve. It’s all about reaching the understanding that we need not use our own thinking to determine our value but instead, learning to rely only on the Perfect Opinion of Perfect Love—God. And for this, we can give thanks. 

Love and Light,


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