Happy New Year to you all!

All of us at Unity of Sedona are wishing and praying that each of you has the best year of your life in 2022.

Each of us has a different view of what a good year might look like. The things most of us imagine to be the core of what makes a great year can include romance, career, weight loss, family, retirement, or the achievement of a life-long dream. But for some of us, there is an evolved understanding that the best way to have a great new year depends not on our outer circumstances but rather depends upon our walk with Spirit. In other words, the quality of our life is mostly contingent on how close we are to God—in the spiritual sense . . . not the religious sense.

Haven’t we tried long enough (as individuals and as a race) to run our own lives? Isn’t it about time that we own that what we’ve now tried for a million years is simply NOT working and that MAYBE if we learn humility and ask Spirit to Guide us towards a better life, we might do far better? Take a close look at the world for a moment and ask yourself if you really believe there is ANY category of life that is going so well that we really don’t need our Creator to help us out.

At Unity of Sedona, we are beginning the new year with already having cleaned up the premises—making more room for greater good. And we were immediately rewarded with donations, a cleaner environment, and a revitalized bookstore—all within just TWO weeks. In that same two weeks we manifested the best A/V person we’ve ever had and also made plans to move forward with the development of our backyard. And to cap it all off (on January 2nd) , we are having our annual afternoon workshop on “Consciously Co-creating a New Life”. This is the workshop most of us use to bid farewell to past issues and patterns and then launch into a new life with greater health, wealth, and wisdom. So join us if you can. And remember, if you register, but can’t attend the live event, you can still watch it whenever it is most convenient for you.

So, while the world is collapsing in so many ways, we are having our greatest success ever—and on every level. This is not to brag! This is to encourage each of you to know that your own peace, health, happiness, and abundance is NEVER contingent on the world, but rather depends primarily on your relationship with God, and with your Self. This is not to say that we (as individuals and as a group) never have challenges. It’s just to say that if/when we do, we stand together as a leadership, as a board, and as a membership.

Love and Light,
Michael Mirdad

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