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The words “Healing” and “Miracles” are synonymous. They are synonymous because healing does not exist and cannot occur without miracles. On the surface, this may not seem so. If, for example, we take an aspirin and it deadens the pain of a headache, we might mistake the lessening of pain for a healing. Such a healing is clearly not the same as a “Divinely Ordained” miracle. On the other hand, when Moses performed the miracle of parting the Red Sea, it might not fit the average person’s definition of a healing.

True Healing is a Miraculous Shift in Consciousness

Nevertheless, when we gaze more deeply into the matter, we find that we cannot experience a true healing, such as the instantaneous removal of head pain, without experiencing a miraculous shift in our consciousness (higher mind). Furthermore, we cannot part the Red Sea without experiencing a healing, or shifting, of our old limited belief systems. With this in mind, we are left with the conclusion that true healing is Miraculous, and it is truly Miraculous to heal.

The field of Holistic Healing (like all other arts and sciences) is currently taking a quantum leap forward. Now, more than ever, humanity is gaining a deeper insight into and perspective on the delicate and intricate relationship between body, emotions, mind, and soul (heart).

In a healthy person, the energy and experience of the soul is one of flow, rhythm, life, love, and trust. In an unhealthy person, or anyone who is in an unhealthy (traumatic) environment, the flow stops; the rhythm becomes erratic; life and love become frozen; and trust becomes limited and conditional. This is not the way our lives were meant to be. Yes, we have free will, but healing occurs when we use our will to choose (Divine) Order over chaos. This restoration to the peace and love of Divine Order is also known as a “Miracle.”

Healing and Miracles Begin in the Heart and Soul

The Divinely inspired book called A Course in Miracles refers to this miraculous healing process as a shift in perception or consciousness-but at the deepest level of the higher mind or soul. When such healing occurs, through prayerful healing processes, the effects can, and will, flow down the manifestation ladder until they are perceptible in the outer world. In other words, true healing and miracles must take place in the heart and soul before actually reaching the body. This leads us to a deeper understanding as to why some of our “healings” do not last. We may have experienced a shift in the body or even an emotional release, but the healing is not real (permanent) unless we have healed at the heart and soul level-the source of the problem.

If the only form of true healing has to take place internally (in the soul), why then should we bother with any of the numerous forms of external healing? The answer is that even though the body cannot heal the soul, it can help to trigger a healing in the soul. For example, if the healer or modality is holistic and effective enough, whatever work they do should somehow lead the recipient inside themselves and toward the core (heart and soul) of the real issue-the wounds of the soul. Healing these core issues can also act proactively and prevent the onset of external crisis.

Again, the various healers and healing arts are invaluable to us in that they can act as a support system to the Soul-Level Healing process. Further, the various modalities of herbs, aromas, bodywork, counseling, energy-work, and so forth can act as access points and triggers for Soul-Level Healing. For example, if a river is slightly blocked, an increase in the water flow up-stream will eventually wash the block away. Yet also dealing with the block of debris at its own level will increase the chances of the stream unblocking sooner. So, in the end, Soul-Level Healing is a necessity, while any other form of healing is merely a wise addition.

How to Access Soul-Level Healing

There are at least two ways of accessing and triggering a Soul-Level Healing. One way is to directly connect with the soul and its core memory (akashic record) and then proceed with an effective form of healing. Since such techniques are not understood or familiar to everyone, there is another option accessible to all. This other method is that of holistic healing.

The term “holistic” (whole-istic) as it relates to healing is the same as the term “holographic” (whole-o-graphic) as it relates to quantum science. Both fields, healing and quantum science, are exploring the theory that all things are interconnected-that the whole can also be accessed through any part. With this in mind, the heart and soul can be accessed through their microcosmic representation in any other part of our being. Therefore, some level of the heart and soul can be accessed through any supportive healing method if the healer and client are open enough to utilize the healing method holistically. However, the healer needs to see the technique as a means to accessing the soul-level issue generated by trauma, rather than as an end in itself.

A trauma can, therefore, be stored at such diverse levels of consciousness as the physical body, the energy body, or the emotional body. Working with these various bodies can be a means for triggering a healing deep enough to reach the heart and soul. As healers access their higher senses and clients develop a deeper commitment to healing, techniques that more accurately find and efficiently release such energy blocks will be created and utilized more frequently, thus giving birth to new opportunities in all parts of our lives and being.