February Monthly Message from Michael Mirdad Monthly Message

Greetings Dear Friends!

You’ve probably heard me say many times that God’s Will is that we feel complete happiness. And it’s easy to brush this off as merely a “nice sentiment.” But it means so much. It means that God—the only Power in the universe—actually wants us to feel only peace and happiness—always.  

It also means that, although it will take time to understand and apply this concept to its fullest, it was NEVER God’s Will nor Guidance for us to have miserable jobs nor unsatisfying lives nor unfulfilling relationships. And yet one or more of these are what most people experience most of the years of their lives—which is the same as saying that we are living against the Will and preference of God.

For example, we conjure up concepts and arguments between each other that are usually based on either our opinions or on our projections upon those other people and circumstances. But this means that we are not allowing God to determine what we should be thinking, feeling, or saying during these events. And the strangest thing about it, is that we actually expect peaceful outcomes, even though we did not allow peaceful origins.

And people so often get all tied up in a knot when it comes to making decisions. They don’t realize that the ego wants us to live in duality—which keeps us eating from the tree of the knowledge/opinion of good and evil. And living in duality means never being at peace with anything we do nor with any decision we make. We lost contact with knowing only our higher good. But we can bridge this gap if we consistently practice making decisions based not on “this versus that,” but rather by focusing only on what feels most like love, most like peace

When we do what’s right or do whatever is the greatest good, we will be rewarded. But why doesn’t is always seem that way? It’s because we are simply not used to living this way. It’s like a pilot who has been flying in a heavy fog for so long, they know that if they just trust and follow their guidance-system, it will likely result in a favorable outcome. But they may not see tangible evidence of this until they make it through the fog. The day will soon come, however, when we will all once again follow the Divine, Loving Guidance-System of God. Then we will all confidently know that “God is but love, and so are we.”

Love & Light, Michael Mirdad

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