As you have seen and heard from my teachings and writings, there are generally three levels of consciousness or kingdoms: Heaven, Earth, and Eden (which exists between the first two). God exists in Heaven, humans on Earth, and several beings—including the demi-gods of Ancient Greece and the many masters (ascended and living) live in Eden. Like Heaven, Eden is not actually a location but a state of mind or level of consciousness, which means it can be lived or experienced here and now. The way to live at this level of consciousness is not to be immune from tests in your life, but rather to pass the tests life has to offer. We all go through these tests and have within us everything we need  to pass such tests. Of course, it also helps to have friends to support us through these tests as well.

Earth Changes and Deeper Tests

The Earth and all its inhabitants (which include you) are currently going through deeper tests than they have ever experienced. As we approach the year 2012, this will become more and more evident. Some folks are expecting geological changes, others expect changes on a cosmological level. Although both of these are probable, what’s even more significant are the changes you can expect on the inside—in your mind and soul. And, in case you haven’t noticed, these changes have begun. I have already seen some of my closest friends and most respected healers and counselors going through the deepest, darkest tests ever.

Earlier this year, I told my “employee-friends” that there would soon be four challenges that would befall us in the first part of the year. Soon after, the first challenge was some slander that a few people put together. The second challenge was the Hawaiian Tsunami, which I foretold to my staff members one week before my departure for Hawaii. I was in Hawaii during the tsunami (ironically, the same thing happened last year) but I told my staff the danger (like last year) could again be averted and fortunately it was. Japan, of course, experienced a devastating earthquake and flood, marking yet another alarming pattern in the changes on planet earth. Once these two tests were over, there were still two more tests for us, both of which soon came (one still in the process), and for the most part, we all passed with flying colors.

Incidentally, one of my daughters (in her mid-twenties) had a dream about the Japanese quake about a week before it happened. In the dream she was horrified to witness major devastation and then asked (her dream guide) if this was the end of the world. The guide in her dream said, “No! This is the beginning of the end.” She then asked how she would know when the end was upon us, and was told, “There will be four events to watch for.” She was given a specific symbol to watch for to know which global events were to be counted as one of the four.

How to Prepare for Personal and Global Changes

So it’s quite fascinating that she and I were both given guidance regarding four coming events—mine being for me and my staff/friends and hers being on a global level. Mine were to expire in the first part of the year and hers over the coming years. In either case, I highly recommend that everyone tune in and prepare yourself for changes—personal and global—inside and out. Of course, whatever parts of you (or your life) that are not healed and cleaned up will most likely be tested by fire and purified for the next level of experience. In other words, that which is not yet God/Heaven, will be purified by fire (turning base metal to gold) until there is nothing of the ego left in your life nor in the world. And of course we will all do this the easy way or the hard way. One step in preparing for this is to start listening for signs of what cleansing you yourself need to begin.

michael mirdad