A Bleak Outcome for Attachment

When you were born, your family was already fated to manifest your deepest fears and unresolved issues from former lifetimes—at least for most of us. Buddha (and Jesus) nevertheless taught that whether you like your life (past or present) or not, it makes no difference—in either case, it will result in suffering. Buddha went on to explain that this world is ultimately an illusion and cannot offer you anything of lasting value. Therefore, anything you get from this world will result in suffering.

He wasn’t trying to be pessimistic, but instead, he was being truthful. Because this world is indeed an illusion; it cannot bring you anything—especially since there is no-thing that you need because you are every-thing. It’s only when you believe you lack something—namely your true identity—that you would believe there is something you need. So when you go in search for that thing and don’t find it, you will feel hurt (and begin to suffer). If you do find it but it doesn’t satisfy you, you will suffer. If it does seem to satisfy you, it will eventually end (as all things on Earth do), which will then cause you to suffer. From this formula, we can clearly see why the masters always speak of a bleak outcome for all attachments.

Even the Earth Is Changing

Currently, the majority of people on planet Earth are suffering—even in our own wealthy country. Now, they are at further risk of having a few more major rude awakenings—including Earth-changes. Did you know that one of the most pristine places on planet Earth is the mountainous regions of South America? Here you will find hundreds of ancient glaciers rarely traveled by mankind. As you read this, those glaciers are disappearing at a rate so fast that there will be none left in just a few years. That’s right! In just a few years, all of the glaciers in that region will have melted away, leaving no water supply to the many inland farms and local inhabitants, thus causing a major food and water shortage for one of the largest continents in the world.

Our world is literally falling apart, and the great masters told us that we need not worry. How is this possible to achieve? The answer is that we must stop looking for love and fulfillment in all the wrong places. It’s time to grow up (spiritually) and only seek to nurture a tangible relationship with God and our true identity and then allow all other (good) things to be attracted to us—naturally. Then, we can have relations with the world around us but without the fear-based attachments of the past. When we are at peace and our true identity is intact, we no longer fear for things to be taken from us. We, instead, learn to see only the invisible good beyond all that is visible.

Dismantling the Ego’s Spell

When Mother Mary miraculously appeared to some children, she said that God will soon allow major changes in the earth and in many forms, which will clearly seem destructive. Yet, the Divine Mother claims that we should not see this as a negative. Rather, it is a positive thing. Once again, how can we possibly see such changes as positive? Mother Mary explains that, “Although God is indeed going to allow these upheavals, they are not the destructions they appear to be.” Instead, they are manifestations of a global dismantling process, wherein they will be used to cause an energetic disruption of the spell that the human ego has been holding over the souls of God’s children.

Time to Wake Up: The Easy Way or the Hard Way

It is not this world that causes suffering but rather our attachments to the illusions of this world. We have lived under the ego’s spell for millions of years and it’s now time to wake up. Humanity can do this either the easy way or the hard way. Since we clearly haven’t yet chosen the easy way, we are now creating a more direct approach. So yes, there is suffering in this world, but it’s not the world that needs saved or fixed, it is us and our belief that we are other than the Divine beings that God created us to be. As we heal our souls, we restore our true identity and begin to feel loved and satisfied once again, thus making it impossible to ever experience lack or suffering. Instead, we return to a life of love and abundance—gifts from Spirit—gifts that remain with us forever.

michael mirdad