“Hi Everyone! Wanted to express my appreciation of last Sunday’s deep and beautiful Father’s Day experience. Seems like everyone in attendance (myself included), whatever their past experiences may have been, allowed themselves to drop into a much more vulnerable space within themselves. The truth is that the Unity environment that Michael (an incredible spiritual leader) and company have created is evolving so beautifully that folks are feeling more comfortable in realizing their true nature and having fun. Michael’s gentleness and sensitivity while doing a “talk” does not go unnoticed. BUT great one liners always abound. And I loved last week when he shared some family experiences as a father. I was really touched by that. It reminded me of fond memories I have with my dad. Just so sweet. Everyone, especially the chaplains that gave of themselves during that tender Father’s Day ceremony, are very much appreciated for holding a clear presence for all of us. And a special thanks to the office and kitchen crew for holding down the fort.” – TR, AZ

michael mirdad