June 18, 2021
Roger Blakiston

When the outside world is telling
You that you are wrong,
Yet you are listening to a voice
That sings a different song.

Remember that the force of ego
May be trying to tease;
For in the center of your soul,
You hold the kingdom’s keys.

Resist the demons who attempt
To steer you off your course;
Connect with spirit deep within,
For there is found the source.

The wisdom of the ages lies
Beyond the shallow sounds;
An endless ocean with no shore,
The truth that has no bounds.

So much we see and hear is false,
Distorted thoughts and words;
Rise high above the earthly plane,
And fly with heaven’s birds.

Be strong as arrows point your way;
Stand up to what is right.
Though they may try to knock you down,
Stay focused in the light.

By always being your radiant self,
Watch as the balance shifts,
And never doubt the change you bring,
By sharing your sweet gifts.

You are unique, a child of joy,
Pure love is at your core;
The Mother wraps you in her arms,
And guides you through each door.

When final portal you shall reach,
Then magic lands await.
This universe is left behind,
All form shall dissipate.


michael mirdad