February 7, 2017
by Roger Blakiston

There is music and dancing and laughter and songs;
There are wildflowers and angels who travel in throngs.
It’s where butterflies dance on the eagles great wings;
It’s another dimension where every bell rings.

It’s a far away land where all dreams will come true,
And wherever you gaze the sky always is blue.
Over mushrooms and toadstools the faeries do fly,
And the rivers run deep where the oceans are dry.

Here all of the mythical creatures are real,
And bliss is the only emotion to feel.
There are dragons, and unicorns, leprechauns too,
While the daffodils smile as they’re drenched by the dew.

The hummingbirds sing to the rainbows of joy,
While King Arthur converses with Helen of Troy.
There is magic and folklore and castles and queens,
Like a pageant is playing out each one of its scenes.

This land has no limits to what you will see,
As your thoughts become deeds for your spirit is free.
So with anything possible, wonders abound;
Do be not surprised when your feet leave the ground!

You can fly on the wind, and make stardust with sand,
Bring paintings to life, and form jewels in your hand;
See the mountains turn purple, change sunsets to gold,
And roll in the snow and yet not feel the cold.

You’ll see miracles manifest, wizards with wands
Working spells with their potions while skating on ponds.
There are forests with ferns and your favorite fruits,
And trees that are growing without any roots.

You have paradise found, and utopia is here;
A mystical continent free of all fear.
Close your eyes, and believe as the images form
Letting go of all things that you think are the norm.

Whatever imagined will now be the truth,
Like the tales you believed in far back in your youth.
Have fun on your journey and never look back;
Wherever you go, you are on the right track.

michael mirdad