May 31, 2017
by Angel
A new session and new season, new lesson grasping whole brained,
for coherence with heart.
Determined Love to the strong finish through Jesus at my side bridging
where Tao motion is always the start.
Not going back, coming back to Here; whenever I figure myself and Self out.
Not simple or complex- it’s tree like Isness -uncarved from stone and grout.
Always more, always more- always something else, better or something
greater to greatest.
I used to want to be the greatest- used to sing I’m great and was always
taught to do my best.
I learned the hard way before I realized that I gave myself every test.
Now I give myself a little challenge once in a while- so I’ll nurture
the grace I was given that
I allowed to put my Mind at rest.
What’s better than best and more ready than we think?
What’s that they’re doing? Does that need a slow blink?
Well I’m sure I got one on family group messaging,
when I sung the Hare Krishna and sent it to all.
They’ve learned how to surf my waves by now, and
answer my linguistic oddity like a doll.
My Irish roots- the two I was given to raise.
I’ve got a wee bit of Swedish to keep the fire ablaze.
Enough identifying- I’m not even only Jupiter, although
I’ve blasted comets and localized the small small upside down triangle
in one spot, and direct it to the Creative Mind’s advantage.
Purifying and rejuvenating energies constantly- where the Light
takes it from Here- where what I thought was Real became a no-time
and well understood meaningfully in the Heart with a built in safe-guard
in Divine paintings helping me micromanage.
Too much, too Light? Never… what seems overwhelming, is only
the nerves adjusting.
Kick started too soon? Never… or else it wouldn’t
have happened through trusting.
michael mirdad