January 1, 2016
by Rev. Robert Mitchell

There’s a pocket in my soul
Where I carry a picture or two,
They’re very old and fragile,
But they remind me of what is true.

There’s a picture of the Moon
Where I can also see the Sun.
The play of ice and fire together,
Together at last as one.

There’s another that looks
Like something very far away,
But if I hold it to the light just right,
I can see angels at play.

There’s another that’s like a mirror,
It shows the true reflection of me.
When I look at it, I see this little child,
How forgetful can I be?

There’s a pocket in my soul
Where I carry bits of paper, mostly simple notes,
Affirmations about Trust and God,
Some are my own, and some are powerful quotes.

There’s one about me
“Having a right to be here,”
That I’m nothing less than the trees and the stars,
And that God is always near.

There’s another that says
“I have to be what I want to see.”
I want to see love – so I look in the pocket,
Love’s there. It’s just been waiting on me.

There’s a pocket in my soul
I think God is a good tailor to put it there.
A place to keep little things for myself,
And other things to share.

I don’t always remember where I keep my truth,
But then my hand gets cold,
And then I’m reminded,
There’s a pocket in my soul.

michael mirdad