June 9, 2021
Josh Heller

I am at war
The warrior within stands to face his enemy
Only to be met with his reflection
A battle rages on within the mind
Fear of losing the connection.
Having eyes to see, yet still blind
Whispers in my head telling him “you are not enough to defeat this enemy”
The warriors will weakens
A seed of doubt now planted
The belief of the separation between is created
Forgetting to remember
The illusion takes hold
The warrior beckoning to be heard
A shimmer of light illuminates the dark
The warriors voice is heard through all the pain
” If you remember me or not, I will always fight for you”
Uniting once again into our true power
Awakening an inferno of emotion
A wave of peace and gratitude overwhelms
The warrior is unencumbered by the now loud voice screaming “you aren’t enough to defeat me”
Realized that the separation was a trick of the mind.
The warrior hugs this voice inside and says “I no longer have to defeat you for doing so would be my demise I now realize we are one in the same, with this knowledge I show you love and gratitude”
The battle is over
The warrior within stands tall with love in his heart
He lays to rest his head
Peace be with you 🙏🏻

michael mirdad