February 10, 2016
by Roger Blakiston

I’m sailing on the sea upon a sunbeam;
I’m hovering on a cloud that’s made of snow;
I’m flying on an asteroid round the planets;
The universe is guiding spirit’s flow.

I’m surfing on a sheet of sparking crystal,
I’m circling round a labyrinth laced with gold;
I’m skating down a canyon crisp with ice,
I’m watching all my wondrous dreams unfold.

I’m mounted on a beautiful white unicorn,
And riding through a forest full of sprites;
I’m balancing on leaves above the cosmos,
And lighting skies that shadow all the nights.

I’m soaring over mountain peaks and valleys,
Where eagles fly, and humans long to tread
I’m witnessing the bodies of the living
While talking to the spirits of the dead.

My heart is leaping, with exciting thoughts
Of other worlds; of legends long ago,
Where elementals danced on moonlit nights,
And little people watched the giants grow.

I’m lost in galaxies so far away,
That earth folk only deem are make believe.
There’s mystery in the atmosphere this night,
As many mystic spells I gently weave.

My spirit wanders, as my body leaves,
Material world is left behind on earth.
I’m cruising in a dream that takes me back
To timeless realms before my recent birth.

I’m in a garden full of rainbow flowers,
With lakes, and streams and sparkling waterfalls,
And lions and lambs all playing together here;
A sacred land with freedom and no walls.

While some may call it Eden, Paradise,
Nirvana, Heaven, or another name,
It matters not, the journey now I’m seeing
Is what ignites within me such a flame.

A fire, a light, my spirit and my source
Are spinning in amazing worlds of bliss,
A treasury of all creations gifts,
And through the brilliant light I blow a kiss.

My spirit’s full of love for all I see,
I know that dreams like this are always true;
So back to earth I enter my old form,
To face the future blessings here anew.

It may seem like it’s all just an illusion,
Imagination rampant in my dreams,
As I behold the faeries, elves and angels,
With mermaids playing games within the streams.

Yet all I see is very real to me,
So there’s no need to question this, my truth;
For images like these I’ve always had
Since early days way back within my youth.

For all the lessons that the spirit world
Is teaching me each day, and all my lives;
I’m grateful for my understanding truths,
For which my soul and body always strives.

Enlightenment will come, no more to learn,
My soul will leave this earth for higher planes.
I’ll exit to angelic sounds and songs,
Break loose from all the mantles and the chains.

michael mirdad