June 7, 2017
by Lisa Meyer
I’m drawn to the space that exists in between,
The heavens I feel, and the things I have seen,
I know that I’m bigger than this single life,
That I have a purpose, my soul is alive!I came to experience this wild earthly plane,
To learn and to share all the wisdom I’ve gained,
My gifts I now bring to this world going round,
To help us all lift our feet up off the ground.

My studies have taken me on such a journey,
Wonderful secrets of life, I am learning,
I used to think life started outside of me,
But something has changed, I am starting to see!

Reality comes from a space deep within,
From my Great Creator, my Father, my friend,
Within me, inside me, the universe hides,
Within every cell, His pure Light resides!

Inside me is part of the Light of Creation,
Within me, around me, such imagination!
In the space in between, I am pure potential,

Expanding in Light, I am universal!
michael mirdad