March 5, 2021
by Victoria Elizabeth Stevens

Some things must be brought to light.
It is what is right.
What has been buried, smothered …
must be uncovered.
Traumas must be healed,
the split must be sealed.
It is not easy,
the path is inevitable.

Oh my, the work.
I feel like a jerk.
I have been, I can’t deny.
Can’t deny, either, the why.
It’s fine.

Layers and layers peel away.
Really, it will be okay.
This I know,
although it doesn’t feel like it is so.

Things get buried for a reason.
They can arise in their season.
In this, I am not alone.
There is nothing to atone.
We all have work to do.
I thought that I already had done so much, didn’t you?


michael mirdad