March 2, 2016
by Roger Blakiston

I wander through the mystic hills,
Sedona dust my sandal fills.
The trees they beckon me with song;
I know this is where I belong.

The birds of wondrous colors talk;
A cardinal and then a hawk.
The clouds, the wind, the sun and moon
All sing their own harmonic tune.

It’s here midst all of natures chatters
I know that this is all that matters.
I’m in the moment, in the now
For all that is, I take my bow.

The stage of life is all around
And I’m the actor, homeward bound.
My body grounded on the earth
My spirit travels to my birth

And backward goes through time and space
Before the start of human race.
Sedona’s rocks still have their power
And so does each and every flower

No humans there, the silent land
Mysterious, still the desert sand.
I know this place from long ago
I’ve sought it out from high and low

And lifetimes passed, but it’s not changed
The red rocks are not re-arranged.
The views have names like Courthouse, Bell,
Their shadows cast a magic spell.

The energy was always there
And so I pause to once more stare.
For I am just a magic man
Who sees where all of it began.

michael mirdad