April 22, 2017
by Angel Ueckert
As we experience ourselves from the beliefs we
have about ourselves,
drawing from the Holy Spirit’s well;
we’re reminded of Jesus’ life’s message
that only His expanding Love and Consciousness
no matter what, could tell.
Deep Truths of Our lives are revealed through
spiritual awakenings.
We are the lucky Ones, always
moving forward despite man math limits,
like the ‘Planck Distance’ experiencings.
Molecules fields away from their neighbors,
gives us comprehensions of the in-betweeness
of space.
Space is everywhere, and this we can agree,
when the material world is 1% and touching
nothing, oscillating our race.
A term for infinity and society’s rational garment,
is spun out and polarized in it’s visions from divisionaries.
Yet, the smallest particle of God, doesn’t take a waste
of funds building larger accelerators that wont
and can’t escape the very first boundaries.
There are fundamental division patterns, that are
also infinitely verified out in Our individual laboratory.
When we aren’t noticing the energy moving back into the
north and south pole expanding, perhaps we are popping
into existence on the inside with borrowed energy.
Nature has an intention too -to be what it IS, with no
wanting, since to be is to do.
It’s plates are based in a dense vacuum like space,
like old crystal converters, that’s batteries are still new.
There has always been plenty of energy to go around,
all forbidden secrets are inside and in shape’s sound.
Look inside, and see what’s simple that doesn’t need to be found –
see Holy and vividly amazing impressions that ARE US
-that cover the sky and the ground.
Purify the psyche in All total angles -factoring in the
inner 9 factor.
Living in a dream of frequency vibration, math, space,
energy, and geometry with cyclic time, so what’s the matter?
We’ve got supposed measurements of the sun and moon,
and more riddles to understand or throw out, than the mad hatter.
What is the relation to O being ‘zero point,’ and Son and Sun?
Well, God’s symbol is in EVERYTHING, so we can call it what is IS,
which IS the meaning and yes, very personal and already done.
There’s a voluntary choice to relate to a self/Self image of
separate, yet whole.
Born of God -where new beginnings are really One beginning,
and levels of greatness unfold in Us; losing self to put Our
Maker first, is the only Real goal.
Breathing Heart, and joyous stillings of Mind -alone express the
gift of peace that walks the beach of Us in no time.
Life’s flow meditation of living like God’s mime.
We are ALL renunciates eventually reknowned, reverended
by the growth cosmic Truth observes.
To retain what we Are improves memory that’s not far,
and quickens the Light that serves.
Peace is not a program, a process, or something we
It’s something to remember -not only chosen Ones or some.
It’s something we choose to recall and BE.
Something that IS already whole in You and me.
We will long to see One-another there again.
Through the warm waters we dig to riverate.
Canals of Holy streams, encumbering unimagined
drunk up enlived in united magistrate.
Yes, there is grace and mercy -yet we judge Ourselves
now and in the starts.
God guides, sends Divine Angels to guide, starting with
Jesus to help Us guide Ourselves in Our Hearts.
There are storehouses of information that are invisible,
yet influenced in Us to use.
Power isn’t always wisdom and so use it wisely,
so not to ignorantly abuse.
So qualified it’s a secret, yet it’s not easily hidden.
When we Are All parts of the key to creation’s secrets,
how could that be forbidden?
How to make liquid gold of frequency and nature
Purify the psyche in All total angles -factoring in the
inner 9 factor.
inside the body’s seat?
Let go of it’s material influence, going beyond
golden barrels; heating then mediuming the heat.
michael mirdad