November 26, 2015
by Rev.Robert Mitchell

The moon was out for her stroll last night
And she stopped right over my bed.
She watched the fight inside myself,
And listened inside my head.

She wondered about the ramblings
That made me so confused.
“He’s half right,” she thought.
But that half, I refused.

“Enough,” she thought,
“I’ll give this fight a rest.”
So on a golden beam of light
She pulled me up into her breast.

There I rested with teary eyes
While she soothed my angry mind.
The fight was about my body and soul
And my mind was very unkind.

My mind said, “You’re just a body.”
My soul said, “That’s not really you.”
My mind said, “See I’m alone in here.”
My soul said, “That’s not really true.”

So once more we were at it
Even in the arms of love.
The moon made it more unbelievable.
How did I rise high above?

How was I able to see the stars
Gracefully dancing in the night?
How was I able to sit on the moon?
How did that make things right?

Then the moon held me a little tighter
And said, “Are you sure you want to know?”
With the truth there must be understanding,
You are both body and soul.

But even more than that,
You are the Spirit of Love.
Your every thought is a power,
Both the problem and the solution thereof.

You are Spirit, Soul and Body.
A reflection of Divinity.
Separation is a quarrelsome illusion,
You can’t divide the Trinity.

“But the fighting has to stop,
At least for the rest of the night.”
Then she put me back in my bed
And continued her nightly flight.

michael mirdad