Raza de Lumina (Ray of Light) 


Raza de Lumina 


Keeps reaching out 

No stopping now nor ever 

Nothing can stop this path

Decided carefully in advance. 

Penetrating, opening, 

Reflecting real purpose.

Deep, deep, right in the core 

Bringing hopefulness,

Breaking through the night 


Raza de Lumina


Becoming the right answer

From intuition bubbling up 

Carrying luminous insight 

Sharing it clearly 

Without need for return 

In cooperation with the Sun

Making everything feel 

It’s persistent, warm, brightness

Levity encased in particles 

Beautiful sight woven as light 


Raza de Lumina


Tirelessly moving, constant,

No way to hold back 

What rings true as real

A messenger with this message 

Emanating from, 

The glorious source 

Of Endless Light

Graham Hill