June 6, 2016
by Roger Blakiston

I suddenly am startled with
An unexpected fright;
I hear the strangest sounds now traveling
Through the sky at night.

An echo in the distance, and
They soon return for more;
A craft from other galaxies,
Is this impending war?

Is this the end of planet Earth
As lights and chemtrails form?
Are visitors from others lands
Invading in the storm?

The patterns and the sounds are not
Familiar to my sense;
My lungs are filling up with smoke,
The air is getting dense.

Is this a dream, or is it real?
I know the answer not.
I start to sweat, the temperature
Is getting very hot.

A silent moment passes, followed
By explosions loud;
When magically a face appears
Within a heart shaped cloud.

My fears of something evil vanish
At this wondrous sight;
The smoke is clearing giving way
To an amazing light.

It all seems like science fiction,
Or perhaps a Bible story;
Is this the second coming,
Where I’m witnessing the glory?

Was this the final battle where
The victor is the good?
Where all will leave behind them now
The darkness in the wood?

Will sun and star and all that’s bright
Now shine upon our souls?
Is truth the human race at last
Has reached its final goals?

Is who I’m seeing the man who changed
The water into wine,
And healed the sick of leprosy,
The spirit that’s divine?

The man who fed a gathering of
Five thousand hungry men
And women, carrying babes in arms,
With only food for ten?

The man who walked on water, and
Who calmed a raging storm;
Who wandered hills of Galilee
Where followers did swarm?

The carpenter from Nazareth who died
On cross of wood,
And rose again as prophesied,
But we’d not understood?

The man of miracles, who some
Believe did not exist,
Is now indeed materializing
Out of yonder mist.

With love and peace and joy and hope,
He takes me by the hand,
And leads me forward with His grace
In to the Promised Land.

I see a New Jerusalem,
It’s now within my sight;
The holy city on a hill,
With lights that shine so bright.

It’s waiting for my entrance
As a band of angels play;
I’m entering my home of old,
On this triumphant day!

michael mirdad