December 20, 2016
by Roger Blakiston

The universe unfolds before me,
Dropping gold dust from the skies;
A shower of sparkling gems from heaven
Crystallize before my eyes.

There’s magic in the wind this night;
I hear the spirits call my name.
The sounds and songs of far off times
Are calling out from every flame.

The yuletide log, the solstice speaks,
The winter nights are drawing near;
The pagan rituals ancients knew,
Revisited this time of year.

The mother holds us in her arms
So we will never be afraid,
And lights the path to take us home:
The Eden from which we have strayed.

The mystic circles carved in stone
Cast shadows from the waning moon,
While many mortals lost in sleep
Awaken not to nature’s tune.

An eerie silence fills the air
Then distant bells, and beat of drum;
A choir of elemental beings
In to my world have surely come.

We’re on a magic carpet ride;
Exciting wonders lie ahead.
No worldly thing can hold me back
As love through galaxies I spread.

The sages knew the mysteries, truth,
December tales told in the wood.
The ceremonies on the land;
I’m in the space the wise men stood.

For all of life let’s bless-ed be,
The spells performed by candlelight,
The energy that welcomes in
The shortest day, the longest night.

michael mirdad