July 1, 2021
Roger Blakiston

This is not a time to weep,
We are waking from our sleep;
Ashes form and we shall rise,
As we open wide our eyes.

Releasing our murky past,
We are heading home at last;
Navigating through the sea,
Now aware that we are free.

Breaking through beyond the veil,
Anchor severed, ship can sail;
Nothing left to hold us back,
We are centered, right on track.

Reading all the mystic signs,
As our cosmic being aligns.
Reaching out, the planets pull;
Keep the cup forever full.

On the road to paradise,
So much we did sacrifice.
Lessons learned as tests we passed;
We shall raise the broken mast.

Entering the golden gates,
Moving into different states;
Guided through the great divide,
With the angels by our side.

What we lost we now have found,
Ancient treasures here abound;
Memories of happier days,
We amend our foolish ways.

Hold on tight, this will be fun,
Soon our earthly trials are done.
Leave the masks, let smiles return;
Watch the flame, enjoy the burn.

Sun has overtaken dark,
On this earth we made our mark;
We move forward into light,
For our future shall be bright.

Crystal waters guide our course,
As our soul returns to source;
Journey upwards to the sky,
Lifting broken spirits high.

We shall reach the promised land;
Build a new world in the sand.
We no longer need to grieve,
Time is now, let go, believe!


michael mirdad