Oneness by Roger Blakiston

August 25th. 2022

Be the sunshine, be the shadow,

Be the chooser and the choice.

Be the change and be the changer,

Be the silence, be the voice.


Be the waves and be the ocean,

Be the planets, stars, and moon.

Be the flame and be the ashes,

Be the music, be the tune.


Be the love and be the lover,

Be the actor, be the play.

Be the light and be the rainbow,

Be the nighttime, be the day.


Be the trees and fields of plenty,

Be the wildflowers and the grass.

Be the canyons and the mountains.

Be the mirror and the glass.


Be the source and be the river,

Be the animals and birds.

Be the wind and be the seasons,

Be the poet, be the words.


Feel the magic of creation,

Recognize we are all one.

Never ending or beginning,

Even when this course is done.


Every piece of life connected,

As the jigsaw we complete.

Holding hands, we walk together,

Down an ever-winding street.


Twists and turns upon the journey,

Leading us to realms of joy.

Homewood bound is our direction,

Then the jigsaw we destroy.


For we now are in the blissful,

Every lesson learned and passed;

No more need for trials and testing,

Just eternal spirit, vast.


Be the wisdom, be the holy,

Infinite in love and peace.

Come together in one union,

Earthly conflicts then shall cease.






Graham Hill