September 1, 2021
Roger Blakiston

Our purpose on earth is not to just survive;
It is to be love as we joyously thrive.
We have an abundance of choices each day,
For us to break out or just settle and stay.

While easy to rest in familiar space,
Secure, knowing we are okay in that place,
We have the potential to change present course;
Expand our horizons, move forward with force.

The butterfly wisely breaks from her cocoon,
And takes to the skies with a different tune.
So why not think big and go spread your wings wide?
Be not in retreat but step forward with pride.

We may feel some comfort in our little shell,
And if we so wish there till death we may dwell;
But why not consider a vertical shift?
With barriers broken, to freedom we drift.

It may not seem easy, but there is reward;
By walking out boldly we release the cord.
The gifts, they are waiting, but we must decide,
Are we willing to shake up our world from inside?

So go with your heart and do what you feel right;
Try communication with your inner light.
For those who attempt to steer you off your dreams,
Do your best to silence their voices and screams.

You create your universe, you call the shots;
You are the sole author, and writer of plots.
Imagine the infinite at your command,
When your head is not buried beneath the safe sand.

We rise, release indoctrination and fear;
This brave soul is at an exciting frontier.
We take the first step, and then reach for the stars;
No need to look back for the whole world is ours!




michael mirdad