July 20, 2016
by Roger Blakiston

I’m carving out the earth to make a labyrinth;
For weeks my mind is focused on the land,
And circles spinning back and forth with stones,
All happening in Sedona’s desert sand.

The sacred geometry is all around
As I discover skills I never knew,
Creating art beneath the giant red rocks
A special space with such dramatic view.

For centuries there are fables round these rings,
The mystics have sought out their magic powers.
In ancient Crete they walked the labyrinth’s path,
Today they lie in gardens full of flowers.

The energy is there as I create
A masterpiece of nature, full of light,
So all who walk within the twists and turns
May find their peace within this magic site.

I spend much time inspired while playing in dirt
I’m like a child in my own little dream
And strangers pass, with curious looks and smiles
While puzzled why I seem to have no theme.

They simply see a pile of rocks and stones
A shovel, and a ruler all to hand
A happy man whose singing to himself
While drawing lines and circles in the sand.

It’s all created with my intuition,
Inspired by elementals and the moon;
The rabbits, birds all dancing with me here,
They know it will be finished very soon.

Now all complete, I share the art with all,
We move and meditate as we are one;
The spirits, humans, animals enjoy,
Together walking in the midday sun.

There something very special here for me,
Sedona’s never fails to just amaze
A simple labyrinth, in a garden home
Will keep me happy now for endless days.

michael mirdad