August 5, 2021
Roger Blakiston

The secret to a happy life is inner peace,
A calm within as all the outside voices cease;
For nothing can destroy us, from the world of form;
By keeping center, we shall overcome each storm.

They have no power, for what we hear is simply thought;
The voice of ego tempting us, and all for naught,
For when we are connected to the great divine,
The radiant light that never died will always shine.

We are protected in this home of love and joy;
The mother holds us like she would her girl or boy.
It’s here, serenity and bliss are to be found;
A place of comfort far from every earthly sound.

Though worldly forces will attempt to pull us down,
We smile in knowledge we are safe and shall not drown.
As masters let us rise above the taunts and fear,
As we gain strength from source, our path will soon be clear.

The day will come when all of us shall be awake,
And we collectively acknowledge our mistake.
Through centuries so many gifts we have received;
We squandered them, yet they are there to be retrieved.

The magical return to better days is nigh;
It will all happen in the twinkling of an eye.
By playing our part and rising high to spirit’s call,
We can go back to where we were before the fall.

So breath in deep, and feel the peace within your soul.
Know that you are a being of light, perfect and whole;
A shining star, created by a loving force,
This inner strength will guide you on your chosen course.



michael mirdad