A deep breath in

Exhaling slow

This is the way 

To letting go.


To give away

Our worried minds

Into Divine

Hands so sublime.


We know the way

To start to heal

We know the way

Past ego’s squeals.


A deep breath in

Relaxing tones

Feel tension ease

Between your bones.


In gratitude

Your heart will feel

As Now is where

All is revealed.


For in this space

Is where God flows

Accessing All

In sweet repose.


So see your breath

And colors too

And hear the sounds

Of your True you.


Like gentle waves

Caress the sand

Let God’s embrace

Secure your hand.


So breathe it in

This love so warm

Dissolve away

The earthly forms.


Float around 

Where angels sing

Then bring that Peace

Back to this dream.


Stay in the flow

Throughout your day

It’s only one

Deep breath away.






Graham Hill