August 8, 2021
Graham Hill

Oh Blessed Source
Each Holy Child
With Eyes of Pure Light
Enjoy your Playground here
Earth can be a trip of delight

Let Heaven stay in sight
And yes Holy will be each night
Turn to left and right
There are true friends each side
Smiling eternal golden light

A family feeling is your divine right
Enjoy your time inside everyone
Let natural happiness surround you
As Spirit raises you up on the wings
Of unicorns dancing joyfully in flight.

Travelling across blue skyways
That swirl The Christ Vine upright
There is the path of Rose Gold Light
To Mother God’s Heartfelt Love
Embraced each Child beams bright!

Roll the blind up, goodbye to night
A fountain springing hopefulness
Flows from the darkness into light
Lord you guide us in the Play of Life
To One Everlasting Room of Light.


michael mirdad