May 1, 2016
by Roger Blakiston

Inside each fearful soul there hides a song;
Within the darkest night there shines a light;
The tunnel may seem endless, yet in truth
The brightness soon will end each daunting plight.

The wind shall blow the black clouds all away,
The sun will laugh to light the waking hours;
The stars shall smile on all the troubled souls,
The buds will open up as fragrant flowers.

With every cold and snow filled winter gloom,
There follows all the blessings of the spring.
Beyond the painful scorching summer heat,
The fall arrives and nature’s treasures bring.

A caterpillar lives in woods so dark,
And there he weaves a magic chrysalis;
Then leaves behind the gloom and damp of earth,
Transforming to a butterfly in bliss.

What now may seem to be a journey long
Will quicken in the twinkling of an eye.
The sadness all will vanish with the storm,
The tears all shed, there’s no more space to cry.

It’s sometimes called the dark night of the soul,
And every mortal goes through this in life;
But there’s a rainbow waiting in the wings,
A pot of gold to end the present strife.

Each one of us at times does need to suffer,
So we can comprehend the joy and peace,
That’s waiting for us when these trials are over,
The other side, where wonders never cease.

michael mirdad