December 13, 2016
by Roger Blakiston

The silent night, the Christmas tree,
The snow and Santa’s sleigh;
The shepherds and the three wise men,
The stable and the hay.

The carol singers, yuletide log,
The frankincense and myrrh;
The stockings hung, the mince pies baked,
The elves and the reindeer.

The lights and gifts, the children’s smiles,
The church bells and the choir;
The holly and the misletoe,
The stories by the fire.

This is a magic time of year
For those who still believe;
The night is clear, the air is crisp,
At last it’s Christmas Eve.

The candles lit, excitement mounts,
And laughter fills the air;
The sacred day will soon arrive
As some folk kneel in prayer.

Whilst neighbors party with their friends
And drink the vintage wine,
Eat chocolates, others play charades,
On sumptuous dishes dine.

The angels watch from up above,
They send their light and peace,
And blessings both of love and hope
That war and evil cease.

We celebrate the Christ Child’s birth,
Pure innocence, divine;
The baby wrapped in swaddling clothes
Within the holy shrine.

May Christmas bring new waves of bliss
That spread through all mankind,
And leave all anger and despair
In dungeons far behind.

michael mirdad