August 9, 2017
by Lisa Meyer
My darling, sweetheart, can you feel,
The Light you are made of,
Inside you, waiting to reveal,
A cascading of love!

Your heart was made to open wide,
And you have not yet seen,
The depths of love you hold inside,
The brilliance of your being!

Oh honey, if you only could,
Release into the Light,
Open into how God would,
Set your heart in flight!

The miracles that you set free,
Will fly into the sky,
A trillion blessings glittering,
And trillians more will fly!

My sweetheart, if you just believe,
And open one small bit,
It only takes a mustard seed,
Of faith, your flame is lit!

The sharing of your truth, my dear,
Will set so many free,
Through you, His miracles appear,
You are the golden key!

My child, if you could know the truth,
Of all the lives you touch,
How many need your kindness to,
Know how much they’re loved!

I honor you, as you do me,
As one, we rise above,
We join our hands and hearts to see,
Our cascading of love!

michael mirdad