December 31, 2015
by aVanessa Rose


Make haste leisurely and filter the illusion.
Listen to your Soul, she speaks in silence.
Love what you cannot understand.

Use your voice it has Power,
but more importantly Listen
because it holds more.


Do not judge.
To take offense holds the same poison
as to offend.

Be unique.
There is no one like you.

You are beautiful.
You have purpose.
Find it.
Feel it.
Live it.
Be it.

Be a mirror to others
in silence
so they too
may find peace.

Forget about selfies.
They will trap you
for eternity.

Break free
from the gravitational force
that binds you to matter
and be present.


Know your Power.
Know your Worth.
Create fluidly and with intent.

Invest in fortunes
only after you have invested in Love.

Control your world
through the quantum double slit.

Don’t act to quickly.
Slow down
and listen to your breath.
She speaks to you in Code.

If something no longer serves you
bless it
and humbly leave it behind.


There are Heroes in the streets,
in the wind and in the trees.
They surround every perimeter.
You too,
are a Hero.


You are one with the ancient
and one with the old.
You are one with your family
and all of humanity.
We are One Big Soul.

There is no separateness,
that’s a lie.

So connect.

Connect with every living thing
and find your presence is intertwined with it all.
Never stop searching.
Never stop believing.
Never stop loving,


Do not beg for love
or you’ll lack it.
Take root
but don’t attach to it.
You will always lose that which you desire.
So stay present.

Time has never existed,
so age with grace.
Embrace all new experiences.
Everyday brings news life.
and be kind.

When you heart breaks
and your world collides.
When you feel you can’t keep going,
stay strong.
Good will always overcome evil.
You must know both
or you would not survive.
Accept this beautiful fault
and grow.

Embrace nothingness,
and direct your mind.
Do everything with an intention.
The observation alone controls the outcome.
After all you do not only dream,
you create.
You were born this way,
your power is innate.

michael mirdad