August 15, 2017
by Wynn Free
So here i was laying in bed at 2am
Thinking all these beautiful and wonderful and craZY thoughts.
And I was confronted with the choice of trying to fall asleep
Or getting up like a stark raving lunatic
And firing up the old lap top and capturing them.
As you can see i did the latter.
So with that introduction,
There i was looking at the dArk ceiling
And communing with your spirit
Thinking what should be normally unmentionable thoughts
(no not about sex),
But communicating with you on a cellular level
(no not about phones),
From the inside of your being out,
And knowing you were feeling that also
On some level and maybe every level,
Because the energy bounced back to me
As if it hit the perfect mirror for my soul,
And part of you and part of me and part of creation
Were eternally bonded together.
No it’s not about possessing someone else’s body
For a moment.
It’s about accessing and feeling someone’s love
At any given moment.
It’s about releasing oneself
From the confines of this earthly body
And merging with the spirit of another being
Who has also expanded their reality
Beyond space and time.
So in other words
To keep it simple
It’s nice having you in my life.
michael mirdad