Greetings Everyone!

I’ve said it a thousand times before and I’ll still say it again: When we follow the Guidance of God’s Light, our path is usually made clearer in every way–less drama and trauma and more love and abundance. This was proven yet again at our recent Psychic Equinox Festival.

Psychic Equinox FestivalThe event was organized by our official events coordinators, and assisted by several volunteers that helped to make the event possible. This event was made available to everyone in Sedona—residents and visitors alike—and was free to the public. So everyone could wander around our numerous vendor booths that included psychics, artisans, and a lot more. And if they wanted to attend one of our lectures or musical performances, it cost next to nothing for each one. At the end of the day, everyone prospered—emotionally, financially, and personally. The feedback was simply over the moon. This was our way of not only honoring the sacred equinox, but also a way of offering the best spiritual services to anyone and everyone whose soul is reaching out for such.

The idea of goodness coming to us when we follow in the light of God has also been a part of a few of our recent Sacred Sunday Services. The point is that if we make our connection with Spirit our highest priority, goodness (and success) is going to come back to us. We are told consistently in various sacred teachings, that when we focus on the Light at the end of the tunnel, the darkness of the tunnel itself becomes less distracting and negatively impactful. So we are asked—even by Jesus himself—to focus on becoming one with the Christ Light and our journey will become a greater and greater blessing to all—including ourselves.

Of course there are also times when we completely dedicate certain things to God and yet they don’t seem to work out the way we had hoped. For example, we might dedicate our children to God or we might dedicate a specific project. Afterwards, we might assume that our projects will be blessed and prosperous and our children will always be healthy and well adjusted. But such is not the case. Sometimes there are reasons beyond our awareness that cause us to have less than “perfect” outcomes. But this is just a test usually designed to keep us unattached to things, and sometimes to help us learn lessons that were even more important than the outcome that we thought was the “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow. When this happens (and it will), it behooves us to remember to not judge ourselves—nor anyone else—too harshly. Instead, we can practice surrendering the situation the way Jesus himself surrendered his spirit to God when he was being crucified. Instead of bemoaning his circumstance, Jesus simply said, “Father-Mother God, into your hands I surrender my spirit.” When we practice this form of prayer (“surrender”), whatever hurts or distracts us can be lifted off of our shoulders and out of our heart.

We are officially entering the fall season now. So it’s time to give thanks for the fruits of summer and all lessons learned this year. Let the hurt and doubt fall away just as the trees release its leaves that are no longer serving a purpose when still attached to the tree. The more thoroughly we release lessons and hurts and attachments, the sooner they will become compost at our very foundation and will therefore feed us during the winter and prepare us for the spring.

Love & Light,


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