Dear Friends: I pray this email finds you well and healthy. As you know, my team and I send you an email newsletter once per month—as well as a few weekly updates. But now, after 25 years of emails, we are making some changes.

Changes are certainly the key word for the times we are living in. But I pray you continue to make your spiritual path, and your connection with God, your first priority. This is the surest way to know your future is certain and that your light will continue to shine brighter and brighter. 

Some of you might recall that my ministry included touring and teaching for nearly 40 years. But a few years ago I received Guidance about two things: First, that the New Thought churches or spiritual centers would soon be declining, and they did; they went backwards into “old school” teachings. Second, that there would soon be greater challenges with travel. And we all know that as of this past spring, travel became challenging at best and impossible at worst. This Guidance, and the outcome, resulted in my making the hardest decision I have ever made when it comes to my ministry. I completely stopped touring and instead devoted more time to my home base at Unity of Sedona. Then I was Guided to completely open up my ministry in the form of teaching live and online. The success spoke for itself. 

Letting Go

And now, I am letting go of my “Grail Productions” mailing list. More accurately, I am merging it with the mailing list of Unity of Sedona. What this means is that instead of receiving a monthly newsletter from both entities, you will now receive only one–from Unity. And we want you to know that if, for any reason, you no longer choose to receive our e-blasts, please make it a point to “opt out” by clicking on the unsubscribe link below. Grail Productions (my business, website, and publisher) still exists, but the newsletter/e-blast will now cease. So you can still order books and other products from my website OR from Unity of Sedona.

Last but not least, there is another huge change we would like to share with you: My ministry, and that of Unity of Sedona, is no longer exclusively devoted to the tourists and residents of Sedona but instead is now officially a “global ministry”. Therefore, we are making some changes and I am training chaplains online with students from around the world. Also, people who attend our services anywhere (in-person or online) can now request membership to Unity of Sedona. So, unlike most spiritual teachers and centers, we are expanding, instead of contracting. Of course this is what one might expect when living in the Light of God. So again, I encourage you to make your spiritual path and your connection with God your first priority, and to join me in my new global ministry.

Love & Light,


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