I can’t tell you all how happy and grateful I am for all that we have co-created at Unity of Sedona. I told everyone several years ago that what we were building needed to be shared with the world and yet there was no great medium with which to manifest this dream. One could say we had limited time, funds, staff, etc. but after spending so much time implementing so many new inspirations last year, we’ve seen incredible transformations in nearly every part of our wonderful center.

One of the changes we implemented was how we do our bookkeeping. We have co-created a system that feels so much cleaner and effective for creating greater prosperity–which we are achieving with your help through attendance and through sponsorships. Another change is related to our upgrading our “Usher” program to include more Ushers and to involve them in the services a bit more.
But one of our greatest changes is that of now streaming our services out, live to the world. As we’ve shared with you before (in previous newsletters), it was estimated by the “experts” that we might expect to reach “a few thousand” people. And yet, after just a couple of months, we’ve just passed the mark of 100,000 people reached. And this is apparently a record for any teacher/center within the “new age” genre. And although we may, or may not, always hold the record, we were the first in the world to reach this landmark.

Lastly, we decided to do my new “Co-creating a New Life” workshop on the internet, while simultaneously doing it in person at Unity. So we did a free promo night and ended up with over 125,000 people reached, followed by over 100 people preregistered and more still to come.

Thank you all so much for being a supportive part of this co-creation. The feeling and success we are experiencing at Unity of Sedona was predicted all along. The same prediction also applies to anyone else who applies what we teach and share at our incredible spiritual center.

Love & Light,


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