Fall has officially arrived! The weather in Sedona is cooling down, but the fire in our hearts and minds is warming up as we prepare for the busiest Fall season we’ve ever experienced

To begin with, we have our usual full schedule of classes and recovery and self-help groups. But we’ve added to our list of projects, the sponsorship of the largest spiritual conference ever held–“The Global Spiritual Awakening Conference.” This is completely an online event–which means it doesn’t involve travel costs nor hassles. This is a perfect idea, considering the fact that people are growing weary of such expenses for travel, as well as growing weary of conferences that lack depth. So we decided to contribute our time and inspiration only towards events and projects like this that are of the highest caliber. So be sure to register now.

Fall is a Time of Letting Go

But with all this said, let’s not forget that (generally speaking) Fall is STILL more of a time of letting go than it is a time of starting up. And in the month of October it’s a great time to look for our “skeletons in the closet”–which can include unhealed wounds we prefer to ignore OR can include decisions we need to make that we prefer to put off. But we can’t very well expect to find the year ending with the greatest gifts possible if we ignore our responsibilities of letting some things go while we still have time. 

For me personally, I announced last year that I would soon be retiring from touring. But it’s NOW, in the Fall, that I made the final decision on this. This means that I get to be with all of you more often but it also means that tourists who are visiting Sedona and expecting to attend one of my teaching services can know with more certainty that I will be there. And like many of you, making a decision to end something is not always an easy thing to do–especially since (in my case) touring made up 75% of my income. But we all have to do what is right for us–trusting that we are Guided and taken care of

Love & Light,


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