Last month, we held our Annual Member Meeting 2020, which went very well–as it always does. We covered some unique ideas and plans that we will share with you in next month’s message. But for now I can tell you that we discussed a few topics, reviewed some policies and history of Unity of Sedona, and voted on a few things that will assist us in taking our beloved spiritual center to a whole new level.

I’ve said before that THIS is to be quite a powerful year, and it is indeed proving to be true–on so many levels. Some of you are concerned about global and National challenges being mentioned a great deal in the news, but I’ve already predicted these things and discussed them here and there. 

Others have chosen to focus on the positive changes going on throughout the planet, as well as in our personal lives. If we are doing our work–inside and out–we are more likely to experience miracles in our lives. But when we are only half committed to living a better life, the universe will test us to see how REAL our beliefs and practices are.

So please join me in making a greater commitment to your spiritual path and to making Unity of Sedona a greater and greater center for masters and students on the path.

Here are some requests/suggestions:

*Attend our Sacred Sunday Services as often as possible.

*Always include us in your prayers.

*Attend our one-time OR our ongoing classes.

*Use our book & gift store for your spiritual shopping needs.

*Occasionally bring food for our Sunday lunch in our cafe.

*If you struggle with any addictions, consider attending one of our many different recovery groups. 

*Please be sure to support us in every way you can: making donations of funds, items for our fund raising sales, through being a sponsor, and so forth.  

I pray you choose one or more of these options to demonstrate your love and support. But either way, we will be bringing a greater blessing to the world, beginning now, as we continue to shine the Christ Light onto/into our community (spiritual family) near and far

Love & Light,


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