Greetings Everyone!

I pray your year is already looking brighter with each passing day. It’s certainly refreshing to hear that many people are beginning to feel like many of the traumas and burdens of last year are finally beginning to lift. Of course for many of us at Unity of Sedona, the weight of it all was barely noticeable. But how could this possibly be so?

As a Spiritual Teacher, I have always felt called to teach the deepest truths but in a very applicable form. That way, we can truly feel and experience the effects of such teachings. But it’s still up to each person/student to integrate and apply those teachings. And given the number of people at Unity of Sedona who have so successfully thrived throughout the year of 2020, it seems evident that the teachings of Christ Consciousness have proven very effective–miraculously so–keeping us inspired and expanding in our work despite external circumstances.

When the light of the world, or the light of our life, seems to go out or go dim, we have two options: live in the darkness OR live in the Light–by BEING the Light–to all and for all. Of course it’s not always easy to remain sane when the world seems to be so insane, but this is how the world is best transformed–by keeping our center even during times of challenge. And in those moments when we seem to weaken, it’s time to call on the Holy Spirit (Divine Mother), as well as calling on other Lightworkers, to help raise us up. So let’s all do our best to “BE the Light we would like to see in the world”–for our sake and for the sake of all of humanity.

Love & Light,


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