Dearest Friends:

During most of my twelve years as the Spiritual Leader of Unity of Sedona, the board members and attendees have been begging to change the name of our spiritual center. As I’ve explained in many meetings, there were lots of reasons why I felt it was appropriate to continue using that name and maintain our association with Unity Worldwide. But the time has finally arrived for us to upgrade our name, and step into living our new identity as “The Global Center for Christ Consciousness.”

In our final Sacred Sunday Service of August, we announced that it was the last week we will be using our former name, which by default means that on the first Sunday of this month—September—we are officially and completely using our new name. It now more accurately represents who we are and the life we choose to live—awakening the inner Christ and nurturing Christ consciousness into full maturity for ourselves and others. As we so often teach, we will do the best to achieve this and will forgive ourselves where and when we slip.

This announcement during the service wasn’t even completed before people started cheering and applauding—a clear sign that they’ve been hoping and waiting for this for a long time. Then there was the spiritual message for the day that seemed to be beautifully embraced by the attendees around the world, as well as by those who attended our center in person. The music, presented that day by our beloved Ananda, simply took everything that was discussed to a whole new level—as our guest musicians always do. And although most people share that our Sacred Sunday Services are already the deepest and most meaningful and spiritual services that they’ve ever experienced, there was one more thing that happened during this particular week to add the capstone to this beautiful pyramid of consciousness.

As the service concluded and donations began to be gathered, I followed an inspiration and asked everyone to keep their money and to allow me to personally pay everyone’s donation for them out of my personal funds. I don’t have a lot of money but I knew that I had enough to pay the equivalent of the Sunday donations. I’ve done this a couple times before, during my time here in Sedona, and the intention and response is always beautiful to behold. I then added that if the attendees still felt inspired to make a donation, they might consider offering them to our guest musician. Our attendees not only honored our musician with generous donations but they also still shared some donations with us as well. The miracles and demonstrations of prosperity consciousness continued when Ananda felt inspired to donate back his fee for the day.

So I shared a gift of prosperity with our attendees, the attendees shared a gift of prosperity with our guest musician, and then our guest musician shared a gift of prosperity back to our incredible center. This is beautiful in so many ways that the typical mind simply cannot comprehend it. But the Consciousness of Christ within us is not surprised at all that the consciousness of miracle-working is reciprocal and finds a way to bless all who are open to receiving it. We saw all of these wonderful miracles of generosity taking place within the span of just one hour. The miracles of reciprocation continued when Ananda ended up having twice as many attendees for his afternoon workshop—which took place only a couple of hours after all these other miraculous events. So he was rewarded many times over.

But it’s not just about the miracles of prosperity. We also witnessed acts of love, deepening friendships and a spirit of collaboration throughout the attendees—near and far. And this all took place as we were bidding farewell to our former name and our former experiences as a spiritual center in Sedona. Now we are all able to rise together to a whole new level and new experience. And the same can happen for you in your day-to-day life if you follow the Spirit of God, Love, and Abundance as your Guide.

You are obviously welcome to join us for our Sacred Sunday Services, as well as for any number of our other blessed events, but please know this: this story is not merely to serve as a vivid example of our faith, integrity, and success. The Spirit of God Itself is asking us all to step into our Christ self and, as the Bible puts it, to put on the mind of Christ and begin living at this level of Consciousness. This is what we (at our center) are choosing to do and who we are choosing to be. Feel free to join us every Sunday or just once in a while. Join us in person or watch our presentations online. Whatever the case, please know that we are sending you all our deepest love and appreciation.

Many blessings of love and peace to you all!
Michael Mirdad

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